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Welcome post & Rules

Welcome to spn_littlebro. Your Library of Hurt.

This post will explain how spn_littlebro works. We have outlined the rules and how this community works in this post. If you have a question please check out the FAQ's and for questions on posting please visit the Posting Guidelines and Html How-to help. If you still have questions after reading this AND the FAQ’s please feel free to leave a comment to this post and we will answer it for you.


spn_littlebro is a library of links to hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fan fiction. We hope that this helps people who love to read Sam or Jared being hurt find what they are looking for.

spn_littlebro is a low spam community, with story links being added in the comments only. We suggest you 'track' a theme if you want to keep up to date with new stories added.

How it works

For Readers:

We have created seven Theme Posts for you to start searching in. If you fancy reading a story that features an injured Sam then click on the “Injury Theme” and scroll down the comments. You will find the links to the Theme Posts in the side bar. All stories linked to this theme will feature Sam being injured in some way. There is basic story information to help decide if it’s something you are looking for.

Each story has been tagged in Delicious. This is to help you narrow down your search even more. Maybe you want a Sam/Dean story where Sam has lost his memory. Delicious will help you find it.

For Writers and Reccers

Our community depends on writers and reccers to provide links to the stories.

Initially this may seem confusing but after you’ve done it once we are sure you’ll get the hang of it!

Here’s what to do:

Fic recommendations are welcomed for stories that are completed, at least 1000 words in length, and are not Friend-Locked.

We've created seven Theme Posts to help categorize the type of hurt Sam or Jared suffers. On each post we've listed suggestions for what that Theme might cover. Take a look, and decide which theme fits your recommendation the best! Once you have decided where your fic link will go, leave a comment to that post (we have called it “leave your hurt”).

We've created a posting template to help keep the community uniform and to assist you with posting. A template can be found in each Theme Post. Please copy and paste the text box provided and fill it out accordingly.

You can find more detailed posting guidelines: here

Also please double check your posts. We don't want to have to delete your comment if the links are bad or the coding went wrong. If an error pops up just edit or copy and delete the comment and start over.


Please be considerate to moderators, maintainers, reccers, readers and writers.

No flames please. If you have a problem with a story being linked please let a moderator know and we will sort it out.

Please do your best to follow the posting guidelines. They are there to make it easier for readers to find what they are looking for and to help our Delicious taggers.

What else this community offers

We provide links to authors who predominantly write hurt!Sam or Jared fan fiction. Check out our Author Theme Post here

We will be prompting the community through Fortnightly Theme Prompts. We will focus on gathering stories for one particular theme each fortnight.

We offer a monthly Hurt!Sam and Jared Newsletter called "Who's Hurting Sam and Jared at the Moment". This will provide links to new stories (even WIPs), art, podfics, vids, meta etc.

Happy hunting and linking!

Still need help or want to learn more? Please check out the text boxes & basic html coding and FAQ's

And if you're having trouble with Delicious or notice a broken link or just some mistakes please refer to our Find-a-Fic and Delicious corrections posts.

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