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These are some Frequently Asked Questions that you might have when browsing through this community. We suggest you check these out before posting a link.

If you have a question that you think should be on our FAQ list or have a question that's not on here that you want answered, please leave a comment in this post.

Q: My fic has both Injured Sam and Psychological Trauma Sam. Which post do I link it to?

A: The one you think BEST describes it. It is very likely your story will cross over themes. Don't forget, if you supply us with all the hurt that has been inflicted on Sam it will be tagged in Delicious so people can always find it that way also.

Q: None of these match the hurt in the story?

A: If you are absolutely sure it doesn't match one of these you can put it in "Other".

Someone has linked my story and I don't want it to appear here.

A: No problem. Just contact a mod and we will remove it.

Q: Can I self rec?

A: YES! Please do. We encourage authors to link their work.

Q: I'm writing/reading a hurt!Sam fic, but it's a WIP. Can I still post it?

A: No. Please wait until it's finished and then post it.

Q: Can I post my fic under two themes?

A: We would prefer you didn't but if you think your story needs to go in both then please feel free to.

Can I post a drabble?

A: No. We prefer stories over 1000 words.

Q: How do I know if the story has already been posted?

A: The best way would be to do a quick scan of the comments in each theme to see if it appears. You can also check the Delicious tags here. We suggest checking the author tags. If a fic gets posted twice it's ok.

Q: Do I have to wait for a “Theme Fortnight” before I post the link?

A: No. You can post your fics anywhere, anytime.

Is there some way I can narrow down my search? I really want a Sam/Dean fic but you don't have that as a tag?

A: That's where the Delicious archive comes in. Where we can we have tagged for pairing, rating, type of hurt. It should help you narrow down your search.

Q: How many links can I provide in one comment?

A: We suggest up to three, ideally of the same genre. All "gen" or all "slash" for example.

Q: Can I post wincest fics? Or Jared/Jensen?

A: Absolutely. Just make sure you include the pairing in your comment.

What can I put in “Is there anything else we should know?”

A: Leave your warnings/enticements here. Especially for potential spoilers for recent episodes. You can mention anything that you feel the searcher should know before clicking on the story.

Q: What if I want to post a whole series or verse?

In Delicious we mark series as 'verses' so browsers can easily find any verse/series they are looking for. The rule of thumb for series is posting it in the best described theme but if your series has too many themes to post to just post to 'other'.

I have a suggestion for the community. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact eitherash48  or cherry916 . We will be keen to hear your ideas.

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