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Newsletter #78 for Mar/Apr 2019

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #78 for Mar/Apr 2019

And that's a wrap on Season 14!!

And all this hiatus time to indulge in Hurt Sam!

Recent stories:

The Rest is Confetti by WetSammyWinchester
madebyme_x says "Such a lovely fic from Sam's POV during season 3 and it features some great brotherly moments and h/c."

We Wake Eternally by juliasets
madebyme_x says " Such a great insight into Sam's mind as he struggles to sleep due to Lucifer, and some perfect Sam and Dean brotherly moments."

Oldies but Goodies

The Road Rhythm Outro by brokenlittleboy
ayane42 says "Awesome story with hurt Sam and Dean feeling guilty and how they go forward."

Happy Circumstance by deanslife
ayane42 says "A wonderfully long story about Jared and Jensen and their difficult pasts and how they get together to move on."

Sam I Am by Lennelle
ayane42 says " A great AU story of Sam and his psychic powers"

yesterdays by koedeza
ayane42 says " Great AU of "The End" with lots of angst filled Sam as well as injuries along the way."

Littlebro's Tumblr

wetsammy, sammythankyou, jaredsnuggles and soy_em have been reblogging lots of fabulous works on tumblr.  Here's a sample (links directly to the recs on spn_littlbro tumblr)

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