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Newsletter #75 for Sep/Oct 2018

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #75 for Sept/Oct 2018

Season 14 has started! It's great to have Sam back on our screens, especially with that lovely 'beard of grief'!

Featured Story

At first I was afraid by spn_summergen
ayane42 says " Great story of Sam, Dean and Jack and the aftermath of Michael's possession of Dean."

Recent stories:

That gives us hope when the whole day's done by caranfindel
madebyme_x says " A short but oh so sweet Sam h/c fic, featuring bonus hurt!Dean and freaked-out-big-brother!Dean."

Red and White by mentholpixie
ayane42 says "A beautifully written story from Mentholpixie about Sam getting stuck in a bear trap and Dean coming to the rescue!"

Misplaced by spn_summergen
madebyme_x says "Painfully wonderful! It's all about what's not said."

Sleeping with the Fishes by spn_summergen
madebyme_x says " Lots of hurt Sam, and bonus art too!!!"

Oldies but Goodies

Grain Elevator by CeCe-Away
ayane42 says "Sam hanging with his arm caught in barbed wire, facing a monster. Great hurt!Sam."

Last Plane Out by Muffy-Morrigan
ayane42 says " Wonderful story of what Dean will do for his little brother."

Littlebro's Tumblr

wetsammy, sammythankyou, jaredsnuggles and soy_em have been reblogging lots of fabulous works on tumblr.

What Else?
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