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Newsletter #74 for July/August 2018

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #74 for July/August 2018

Hell-atus is almost over!!!

Here are some hurt!Sam/Jared to get us through the last month before the start of Season 14!

Featured Recs

The Frozen Ocean by kelleigh
madebyme_x says "This is a superhero story, but with a twist! I was enthralled the moment I started reading this fic, and it's definitely worth a read!!! It won't disappoint!"

Riptide by Anon
madebyme_x says "Such a wonderful Standford!era fic! We really see Sam struggle to deal with his new life, and then things get complicated when he stumbles on a hunt. Such a great read for any hurt!Sam fan."

Recent stories:

The Family That Chooses You by K-Hanna-Korossy
ayane42 says "Wonderful story about Jody and Dean watching over an injured Sam"

Oldies but Goodies

Regrettable Actions by RaisingAmara
ayane42 says "This a wonderful long story with lots of hurt wee!Sam and Dean and John being clueless and harsh to Sam. A very good story!"

Thor Dog of Thunder by vonnie836
ayane42 says "Story of Sam and Thor's relationship and how it changed after Sam's accident"

Synapse by lanri
ayane42 says "Wonderful story of an AU season 1 where Sam can read minds."

If It's Tuesday This Must be Stockholm by JD Sampson
ayane42 says "This an incredible story of brainwashed Sam, back with Dean, but wanting to go back to his captor. Definitely must read!"

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