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Newsletter #73 for May/June 2018

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #73 for May/June 2018

Ahh, the summer hiatus! Over 100 days until the premiere of Season 14!

Lucky for us there's the spn_j2_bigbang. Lots of awesome stories from lots of awesome authors!

Big Bangs:

Into The Light by TwoBoys2Love
ayane42 says "Wonderful story of lonely Jared and Jensen getting under his skin."

Holding On by whispered_story
ayane42 says "Awesome story about mutants and Jared and the group he stumbled into. Lots of angst from Jared and protective Jensen helping him"

Lamb by trishablooms
ayane42 says " A really awesome story!! I really enjoyed the build up in Jared and Jensen relationship through changes that Jared has to go through."

Beyond Survival by gluedwithgold
ayane42 says "Exciting story from the beginning! Following Jared from the beginning until he meets Jensen and their growing relationship! Awesome!"

The More You See (The Less You Know) by zubeneschamali
ayane42 says "This is a wonderful, exciting story of Jared and Jensen on the run, trying to get out of country. Lots of danger and figuring out how to survive."

Oldies but Goodies

Res Gestae by dreamlittleyo
ayane42 says "This is a great story with hurt!Sam missing his brother and the relationship with the psychic helping."

Littlebro's Tumblr

wetsammy, sammythankyou, jaredsnuggles and soy_em have been reblogging lots of fabulous works on tumblr.  Check them out !
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