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Newsletter #72 for Mar/April 2018

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #72 for Mar/April 2018 2017

Only 3 more episodes until the end of Season 13!! So exciting!!!

Here is some hurt Sam to fill the time between the new episodes!

Oldies but Goodies

Beautiful Boy by storyspinner70
ayane42 says "Great story of Jensen and Jared working through the abuse that Jared suffered."

Suspicious Minds by lizzypaul
ayane42 says "Wonderful story of Sam having to defend himself through his life over all his scars and bruises."

Glass 'verse by lanri
ayane42 says "Like the author, I thoroughly enjoy the AU. This is a verse with 5 stories and it is amazing!! Lots of hurt Sam!!"

Cottage with a Sea View by tempestquill
ayane42 says "Wonderful story of Jared and Jensen meeting on a beach and falling in love despite Jared's unique circumstance."

The Seahorse by memphis86
ayane42 says " Heartwarming story of Jared and Jensen dealing with Jared's pregnancy and birth"

Song of the Treadmill by tabaqui
ayane42 says "This is a wonderfully long story about Sam landing in an alternate time line and meeting a different Dean. The author builds an amazing world and Sam and Dean discover some incredible things about themselves."

All Fall Down by scullspeare
madebyme_x says "A glorious blast from the past which sees the boys hurt during a hunt and a hurricane! Plenty of bro-mos and h/c"

Littlebro's Tumblr

wetsammy, sammythankyou, jaredsnuggles and soy_em have been reblogging lots of fabulous works on tumblr.  Go check them out!!

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