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Newsletter #64 for Nov/Dec 2016!

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #64 for Nov/Dec 2016!

Another hiatus!!!

Luckily we have OhSam Triple Play with lots of hurt Sam!!

Also myself and a group of volunteers just finished migrating the stories from Sinful-Desires.org (the website is going down the end of this year). That's 596 authors and 4456 stories!!

I know I will be looking for more hurt Sam/Jared stories there!!

Here is that collection!!

Recent stories

The Curse of Mononucleosis by interflora
ayane42 says "an awesome story about Sam with mono during Christmas with Dean and Bobby taking care of him."

A Whole New World by ghost_writer26
ayane42 says "this is a story about Jared, clueless about being a were and omega and finding Jensen who helps him out. Wonderful story!"

I Wanna be Selfish for You by ViolaQuartermaine
ayane42 says "A story about Jared and Jensen getting together despite everything."

Engraftment by sammyatstanford
ayane42 says "a lovely story about Sam with cancer and Dean taking care of him."

A Song of the Treadmill by tabaqui
ayane42 says "this is a great time travel story !! Sam makes a deal to save Dean and travels with angels through different timelines to make sure the Winchesters keep fighting."

The End is Here by akintay
madebyme_x says "Wonderful world building and spot on characterizations!!! It's an addictive read, and full of emotion and heart. I loved every word of it."

Harder and Harder to Breathe by peggy_lane
madebyme_x says "Such a gripping read! The world building is top notch, and the characters are beautifully written, and the journey that Jared and Jensen go on together is so engaging. Plus, Hurt Jared is always a welcome bonus!!!"

Goodnight Moon by dragonfly_sg1
ayane42 says "This is a favorite of mine. De-aged Sammy with protective Dean. Lots of cute small Sammy racing against time to remove the curse"

Littlebro's Tumblr

wetsammy and sammythankyou have been reblogging lots of fabulous works on tumblr.

Here's the masterpost for the 1000 Follower Celebration that includes all the rec lists for the top three episodes that followers voted on in the poll:

Red Meat - Gen
Red Meat - Wincest
Sacrifice - Gen
Sacrifice - Wincest
When the Levee Breaks - Gen
When the Levee Breaks - shippers

What's Else?

Don't forget YOU can make recs at spn_littlebro too! We love hearing from other fans. :)

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