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Newsletter #47 (December)

Welcome to the spn_littlebro newsletter #47 for December 2014!

How are you enjoying S10 so far? It's hard to believe we are already nine episodes into this season and once again we are having to wait for the next set of episodes. We're happy to inform you that we have HEAPS of recs to help you through the next hiatus.

Fevered Ramblings:

Who's Hurting Sam or Jared Lately?

  • reggie11 has found three fantastic new stories to share with you all this month. The first one is Xenocide by selecasharp and pixymisa (aka teashopmuses). Summary: This time, it’s war. reggie11 says, "This is the sequel to the previously recced Xenophobia and is nail-biting adaptation of the movie 'Aliens'. It is chock full of suspense and horror. I read it in one sitting because I just couldn't stop. There's equal Sam and Dean whump. It might be worth noting that John Winchester is not a good man in this." PDF is available to download.

  • Her second rec is Behold a Pale Horse by cherie_morte. Summary: When Sam fails to complete the third trial, a tear in the barrier between Earth and Hell is created and hellspawn called shadon are unleashed. The only way to bind these creatures and close the gates of Hell is for a sacrifice to be made by the man who chose his own life over completing the trials, and this time, the price is even greater. In order to correct the apocalypse he's released, Sam must kill his soulmate and live with the consequences. reggie11 says, "This is horror at its finest. One of the darkest hurt!Sam stories I've ever read but wrapped up in so much love it will take your breath away. It's superb." It's a Sam/Dean fic and features so many varieties of hurt!Sam there's too many to list here! It's a dark and intense fic and comes highly recommended. It's also available in eReader format. Be sure to check out the amazing art by quickreaver.

  • reggie11's third rec is Uninvited by twoboys2love. Summary: Sam buys a new house. All is going well until strange things begin to happen. This brings a strange man into his life and together they fight what is inhabiting Sam's home. This is an AU story featuring unrelated Sam/Dean. reggie11 says, "In this AU Sam Wesson has bought a house that comes with an unexpected and terrible secret which almost costs him his life. Dean Winchester is still a hunter who has to convince Sam to accept his help. It's nice and suspenseful and you can really feel Sam's fear and disbelief. There's lots of Sam whump, and a nice big dollop of romance. It's a great read." Download available.

  • If you're looking for a GEN fic that's on the light-hearted side then jessm78 recommends Pumpkin Pies and PCs by zana_zira. Summary: A good brother keeps his sibling from doing stupid things, like entering a pie-eating contest despite having just gotten over a three-day stomach bug. A better brother steps in and does it for him instead. Luckily for Dean, Sam is a really, really good brother. She says, "This is a really sweet fic. I loved the way the boys are written, Dean's love of pie and his concern for Sam when he's sick; and Sam's willingness to enter the contest for his brother. It features some sweet younger brother Sammy caring for sick!Dean, and then sick!Sam and caring older brother Dean. Sam enters a pie-eating contest that Dean wanted to enter so badly. Of course, he pays for it later."

Featured Fic Recs:

  • ayane42 has three older stories to recommend this month. The first one is Each Our Own Devil by emmram Summary: In a bid to communicate with Lucifer, demons attack Sam and Dean and take one of Sam's eyes. Truths are revealed and the civil wars in Heaven and Hell come to a head as the brothers struggle to cope. It's GEN and features Sam with a permanent injury. ayane42 says, "This is a pretty amazing story! The mood is so spot on for season 6, with soulless!Sam and Dean. It's pretty gory, but hurt, damaged Sam is just amazing!" There are also two timestamps: Time and Time Again and Brink.

  • ayane42's next rec was written is 2013. It's Four Words by brightly_lit. Summary: Running away again at 15, a series of unlikely events leads him straight into a dire situation, and Sam knows, without a doubt, that these are his last hours on Earth. He couldn’t die without someone knowing he’d been here on this planet, caring and suffering and living. He just couldn’t. She says, "This was such a good story. I really felt for Sammy. He runs away and it doesn't go like he thought it would and then he's lying there, thinking he's dying and wondering what impact he made on the world". This is also available to download.

  • Her final fic is Left Unsaid by LiveInMyHead Summary: Pre-Series. John, Dean and Sam are hunting a spirit that possesses children to make them kill their families and it has Sam. Will John and Dean realize it before it's too late for all of them? . She says, "Even though there's a fair amount of Dean whumping in this story, it is also about Sam's resentment and anger towards his family that leads to his possession by a homicidal ghost. The resulting hopelessness that Sam experiences being trapped in his own body while he brutalizing Dean is palpable. A really wonderful story". This story is also available to download.

  • reggie11 suggests you check out homo_pink's Large Enough to Hold a Man . Summary: Sometimes, Jared remembers. She says, "It is, at once, utterly heartbreaking and extremely beautiful. I'm not too proud to say it made me weep. It has an ambiguous ending, but the way I read it, a hopeful one". It's on AO3 so it's available to download.

  • She also loves Dolor Ibi Est by electricalgwen Summary: They are in full throttle research mode when Sam manages to drop a dictionary on his foot. A seriously heavy dictionary. A lot of swearing from Sam, a lot of mocking from Dean, til Dean realizes that the foot actually is broken. Pretty nastily broken, as it turns out. A trip to the ER and a few weeks of Sam on crutches, with Dean alternately being helpful and telling every witness they interview a new, embarrassing, and completely fictitious story about how Sam broke his foot. Finally Dean's moronic how-could-anyone-hurt-themselves-with-a-book brother has to do some seriously kickass stuff on nasty terrain, broken foot and all, getting them out of a tight spot. reggie11 says, "I honestly debated whether or not to rec this here. Not because it isn't a great story--it's utterly fabulous--but because there is so much humor involved. In the end I couldn't not rec it. It's so in character with Dean being a pain in Sam's ass, and Sam saving the day despite being injured. Banter galore, a great case!fic, cheeky!Dean and an adorable hurt!Sam."

  • cherry916 wants to share a fic that was written in 2011. It's A Wish Fulfilled by sammygirl1963. Summary: When John inadvertently reveals his thoughts at a bar, it impacts his family in a most unexpected way. She say, "One of my favorite tropes in fandom is de-aging and this story just hits all the spots! This is set in season 1 when John was around the boys and it's a pretty epic ride featuring a de-aged Sammy when John opens his big mouth. The hurt is abound as Dean and John take care of a little Sam again. It's a great story to get into since it's almost 40K in length."

Other Media:
  • GIFs, picspams, etc.: Keep your eye on the constantly updated spnlittlebro tumblr for more great hurt!Sam discoveries!

  • art: There Ain't No Me, If There Ain't No You by KamiDiox. cherry916 says, "This is a nice drawing. It shows Sam in a hospital as a baby and then in hospital at the beginning of Season 9. I think it's an amazing contrast to show the differences, yet Dean's intensity for his brother is still the same."

  • art: Close to the Sun in Lonely Lands amber1960 (aka amberdreams). "Art done in primarily monochrome with a splash of reds and yellows as a reversebang prompt. Sam dying at Dean's hand", reggie11 explains. "It's really beautiful."

  • art: ash48 highly recommends you check out two stunning pieces created recently. Both are from this year's wonderful spn_j2_xmas exchange. The first is The Devil's Heir by becc_j. She says, "This is breathtaking. The intensity of their pain is striking. I also love the colouring. Amazing work."

  • art: The second piece ash48 recommends is Bad Blood by quickreaver. She says, "this is a heartbreaking work. Sam is so wrung out and desperate and demon!Dean is there to help - only not exactly the kind of help that normal Dean would offer."

  • music videos: reggie11 suggests you take a look at My Greatest Sin by Feuwise6. It's a look at all the times Sam felt he has let Dean down.

  • eBooks, etc.: See above recs for eBook links.

What's New?

Be sure to check out all the wonderful works that are currently being posted at spn_j2_xmas.

It was great to see all the stories claimed by artists for sammybigbang. Keep an eye out for posts from early January.

From all the mods at spn_littlebro we'd like to wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year! See you in 2015.
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