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spn_littlebro Header Contest

Header Contest

Your mods here at spn_littlebro are always looking for ways to interact with all our members who keep us readily supplied with lovely recs . We've decided to hold a header contest and hope you guys will participate in designing and voting and ultimately have fun with it as well. A new header is going to be central to our new layout which will be specifically customized around the winning header. Everyone is welcome to submit headers to this post.

All comments will be screened and this post will stay open for submissions until the 23rd. After that date a new post will be made by a mod showing all the headers (sans names of who made them) and we'll open up voting to our community. The winning header will be used in our layout with the artist's name credited in our sidebar/profile.

Good luck and have fun!

1. Headers must be 800 in width and at least 350 in height.
2. Remember this is a community for rec'ing hurt !Sam and hurt!Jared all headers should be based around this theme.
3. The community name must be on the header.
4. No putting your livejournal/personal name on the header.
5. You may submit up to two headers
6. You may also make a default community icon if you wish (what this means is if your header is the winner we'll use your community icon as our default one as well
7. Submissions are not allowed to be posted publicly (to your journal or other communities) until after voting has occurred

Please submit your entries to this post in comment form, including both IMAGE and URL. All submissions will be screened. We'll be posting reminders so don't worry about forgetting to submit on time. Any questions, concerns or comments? Simply comment to us on this post and we will unscreen your comment and address any questions/concerns you may have.

Most of all please have fun! We can't wait to see your entries!
Pimp It!

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