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A spn_littlebro Discussion Meme: The Hurt So Far....


Sharing the Hurt!Sam Love in our special 'Fan of Letters' batcave!

Due to the overwhelming amount of delicious hurt!Sam we are getting, the mods here at spn_littlebro have decided to pull an emergency group discussion with the rest of our fellow hurt!Sam lovers!

Nothing is better than sharing your hurt!Sam love with another, right? Well, that is what this post is for. This is a discussion meme about our most favorite thing in the world: HURT SAM \0/

So pull up a chair, grab yourself a coffee and a cake from the buffet and let's chat about our obsessions, hopes and dreams before the season finale.


  1. No bashing or flaming another member or characters from the show. This is about our common LOVE for the show and Sam, right? So don't be rude.

  2. You can comment and reply to as many members as you want. Remember, this is a discussion group, go nuts!

  3. If you have any issues or believe someone is violating these rules, please don't comment to them yourself but contact one of us and we will decide the best course of action.

  4. NO SPOILERS! Please remember some fans don't like to be spoiled. If you MUST talk about them, please keep all spoilers under a Spoiler Code.<lj-spoiler text="spoilers [click to open]">type spoiler here</lj-spoiler> (Copy and paste this into the comment and simply add your spoilers where it says 'type spoiler here')

  5. Most of all HAVE FUN. Bask in the glory of all the hurt!Sam, and hey if you make a friend along the way, all the better huh?

To get us all started we have a copy and paste template we'd like each of our members to fill out. Simply copy this and paste it into the comment box and fill out accordingly:

Remember, everyone have fun!

If you would like to pimp this in your own journal, simply copy and paste what's in the text box below!

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