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July 2012


Here's an idea to help pass the time until Season 8 arrives....

We're declaring July as SELF-REC month here at spn_littlebro! \o/ We know, you don't like to toot your own horn... but c'mon! You've created hurt!Sam! Or hurt!Jared? Of course fans want to know about it! We know we do! And we want to further 'stock our shelves' in our Library of Hurt on delicious.

So... *Uncle Sam Wants You* to rec yourself this month. Yes, we're twisting your arm. ;D (As one of our mods says: Shame-free self-reccing? It's like eating a tub of ice cream without the guilt!) We're going to rec some of our own stuff for this meme, so you have to play along too!

We're looking for completed fic over 1K, art, vids and podfics that feature Sam or Jared h/c!

  • Just go to the appropriate theme post for your creation (our sticky post with links is here) and fill out the template to rec your work. (You can PM one of our mods, cherry916, if you need help.) Where the template says Why are you rec'ing this?: if you want--not required--you can put Rec requested for July 2012 Meme! And then feel free to tell us a little about why you wanted to tell that story, or why you enjoyed this particular creative endeavor.

  • Don't like coding in the template? Don't worry! We want your self-rec so much we're inviting you to just comment here to this post between July 1st and July 31st with the link to your creation and tell us the type(s) of hurt you're putting Sam or Jared through and what theme it should go under, and we'll do the rest. (We won't reply to your comment here, but you'll get a confirmation on the story/work itself when we've added it to our archives.)

  • Still having trouble? You can email us at spn_littlebro@yahoo.com with the same info mentioned above, and we'll add your creation to our theme post and archive of hurt!

Note: self-recs are always welcome at the theme posts on spn_littlebro. But we're making a special plea for self-recs this month, so please rec yourself! *puppy eyes* We all need more h/c to wallow in over the hiatus!

Any questions?
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