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Theme: Hurt Bunnies

This is where you can leave plot bunnies that can be picked up by an artist, vidder or writer. Anything goes as long as the prompt features hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared.


This is NOT a comment fic meme. So this isn't a situation where you claim prompts or post a ficlet in the replies to said prompt. This is just a place to house plot bunnies for writers, vidders and artist to browse through.

2. All prompts are allowed whether you're prompting for vid, art or fic. Keep in mind though this isn't a kink meme or anything like that. If your prompt is triggery please put it behind a spoiler code. [Go HERE]

3. We are trying to keep this theme as organized and stream lined as the rest. Keep that in mind when replying to the prompts, so don't go overboard with the comments but we will allow some leniency like the other main themes.

4. Prompts can be left at any time.

5. If you post a fic/art/music vid to your journal or other website, please come back and post a reply to the prompt with the link to your creation.

6. Filled prompts over 1000 words will be rec'd in the main themes (by a mod) and listed in Delicious.

7. Like a comment fic meme, certain hurts, rating, pairing etc. should be listed in the subject line. That will help writers/vidders/artists easily see what the prompt will be about and sort through them better.

Word Of Advice:

1. While details are your friend writers usually like a lot of breathing room. And your prompt is more likely to get picked up when you grant them such.

2. Remember all prompts are to be hurt!Sam or hurt!Jared focused in some way or another. Just like rec'ing fic, art or vids.

Just copy and paste this into your comment and fill it out accordingly. We want to keep prompts organized!

If you need any help with this theme or have questions please leave a comment in our FAQ'S from there we will do our best to answer them.

Have fun!
Tags: main theme: hurt bunnies, theme post
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