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Target 500 Celebration Meme

Congratulations! littlebro members, we have successfully reached our target 500 goal before the season 7 premiere! To celebrate we are having a meme about none other than our boy Sammy and what we hope and expect from season 7.

First though we at spn_littlebro want to thank a few people who have made this possible: khakigrrl and winchesterhaunt for providing us with so many delicious recs, el1ie for providing us with our pimping banners, graphics and giving us much needed feedback on the community, and lastly, to beckalooby who really helped in the beginning with all our graphics.

I personally would like to thank harrigan for getting our newsletters all put together and ready and making our community more grammatically correct with her awesome beta eyes! Next I would like to thank all our maintainers in this community who really help keep it running and always provide new ideas, vail_kagami, dontknowmyname, mlebayre, rainyrocket, and varkelton

Last but certainly not least is ash48, she is the big cheese of the operation and it was her genius who came up with the whole idea and I think she's done a fabulous job so far! Agree? Agreed!

And we like to thank each one of our members for sticking with us and providing us with so many awesome recs \0/ Without you the community wouldn't be possible so thank you :)

Let's get this meme started, shall we?

The rules are simple: No bashing and or flaming other users, respect everyone's opinion and the show, and last just have fun!

Just copy and paste the contents of the text box into a comment and fill it out!

Thanks again for all the lovely recs and here's to another great year of Supernatural and another 500 recs for the new season!

Please remember that some people don't like spoilers and if you want to talk about spoilers for season 7 that's fine but put it behind a spoiler text which you can find how to do HERE it's a tutorial from ontd_spnparty which is the most easiest way I've seen it explained. If you have any other questions or concerns just drop me a message. Thank you
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