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Newsletter #80 for July/Aug 2019

Welcome to the spn_littlebro edition #80 for July/Aug 2019

About 40 days left of hiatus until the final season of Supernatural. *cry*

More stories of hurt Sam/Jared until then!!

spn_meanttobe is back!!

spn_reversebang is here!!

Collapse )You-ll-Accomp-ny-Me by K-Hanna-Korossy
madebyme_x says "You can never have enough Baby tags, right?! This was is perfectly heavy on the h/c and features both brother's taking care of each other!"

Unbearable by TookMeASecond
ayane42 says "Wonderful story!! I just loved this!!"

Another Brick In the Wall by road_rhythm
ayane42 says "A long case fic with lots of hurt Sam and suspense!! A great story!!"

Oldies but Goodies

Life As We Know It by sevenfists
ayane42 say "Another really great story!"

The Christmas Spirit by Noxbait
ayane42 says "Wow, this an amazing, long casefic with both Sam and Dean seriously ill. Lots of sick Sam and sick Dean."

Stray by Morgan
ayane42 says "This an awesome story!! Long and winding with a big surprise at the end!!"

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